'Steel' A Believer?

| 0 comments | Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Pittsburgh Steelers that we are witnessing this season, are NOT the 2008-2009 Superbowl Champions.
Yes! Ben Rothlisberger is still the starting QB,
Yes! Mike Tomlin is still the Head Coach,
Yes! Our Defense is still top 10 in the NFL,
So doesn't it look like we should have the same results?
Thats a big negative...To the average fan or fool who doesn't really know the game of football, or should i say in a perfect world, the Steelers would win the superbowl and come back (this season) and win every game. It hasn't been the perfect season for the Pittsburgh Steelers and unfortunately it hasn't been very promising either. To start out the year with lets just say "The Biggest Injury" of our season Troy Polomaulu goes down with a knee injury, and hasn't fully recovered from that injury missing 9 games this season. Defensively we've changed--letting our former starting CB go to the Arizona Cardinals, which puts us in a position to promote another player to the new role as a starter.
William Gay - who has played very well throughout his career as a nickel and dime back, was made a starter at the beginning of the season, but since taking on this new role Gay has been exposed week in and week out.
Not to turn all of our focus on one man, this team has been plagued with injury throughout this season, but what has plagued the team worst than injury seems to be the lack of play for the entire 60 minutes. Last season it was clear to see that the reason that the Pittsburgh Steelers were so successful was because they were able to win the close games and prevail those tough losses that they have accumulated this season.
2008 - Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) they were undefeated in the division and had identical records at home (6-2) & on the road (6-2)
2009 - Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7)* don't travel well (2-5) and have been punished in their division (4-6).
Of course -- from a fan's perspective when you lose to the worst teams in the League, you pretty much suck, but it's not about who they lost to as much it is about how they lost.
In 2005 the Steelers were (7-5) before going on to win their 5th superbowl title, this year the Steelers are (7-7) coming into a "Must Win" against the other Wildcard fighting Baltimore Ravens (8-6) the Steelers have a chance to possibly turn this ugly season into a not-so dissapointing one. Having not as much control over their destiny as they did a couple weeks back, they are still riding for that last playoff spot and they have to win out the rest of this season to stay alive.
If the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to end this season without a playoff berth, for the sake of the Steeler Nation -- they can't lose this week's game against Baltimore.

Prediction: Steelers 17-13