Battle of the Banditos!!! Superbowl 44

| | Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's SUPERBOWL Sunday!!! 

Today kicks off the 44th Superbowl match-up, just like our 44th President (Barack Obama) it's time for a change and history has already been set with these two teams. Both respectively winning their first 13 games in the regular season The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints have defied the odds of the Regular season foes and outlasted and out-hustled their previous playoff opponents to make it to  this defining moment.  The chance to play and take home the most heralded trophy in Pro football [The Lombardi Trophy] just  this time last year my hometown favorite Pittsburgh Steelers were celebrating their win in Superbowl 43 against the Arizona Cardinals. Gearing up for a superbowl party  parade in downtown Pittsburgh. Every year there is hype surrounding the superbowl and the two teams that are set to face off, which brings me to the story-line of the New Orleans Saints [first]. Who have made it to their first Superbowl EVERRRR!!! [YES! EVER!] That alone, is a great feat for the organization and the city of New Orleans. Having a re-energized QB [Captain] in Drew Brees, a new attitude, and a multitude of offensive weapons this team has made history and set a new legacy for the future of the organization ,  regardless of the outcome this will be a year to remember for the Saints.

Peyton Manning, three letters help describe this man = M V P!  Four times as a NFL quarterback in a league that has seemed to become quarterback driven, Peyton has been the most consistent of the elite QBs in the NFL and when it comes to a big game, believe you me, #18 doesn't disappoint. Even with all the MEGA stats Peyton Manning has, this will be ONLY his 2nd superbowl in 12 years, with that said Manning and the 2010 Colts are a different team from the first superbowl in 2006. They are more sound defensively and offensively they'll be lights out with Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, & Pierre Garcon, So don't get it twisted people these boys are READY.

Prediction : Saints 38-35 


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