What If: LeBron James was in the NFL?

| | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lets just entertain the notion that LeBron James was going to play in the NFL, and if so what kind of addition would he be for the Cleveland Browns. Could Lebron James be the scoring machine he is in the NBA in the NFL? 

ESPN reports: Browns would give Cav's James a shot.

Height: 6-8  Weight: 250 lbs 
Avg: 27.8 ppg

Currently this 2009-10 season the Cleveland Browns rank dead last in the NFL in Offense (32nd in NFL). In the past 3 seasons the Browns offense has ranked among the League's worst in 2006 (31st in NFL) and 2008 (31st in NFL).

While in 2007 they were ranked among the leagues best (8th overall in NFL yardage). The Cleveland Browns haven't had the best of luck this season, they do have a bright star in wide reciever Joshua Cribbs who at 6-1, 215 lbs has been the only real bright spot on the Browns roster since their Playoff run in 2007.

Now although LeBron hasn't played football since high school his size and athleticism would be a big addition to the Browns offense, following the path of basketball players that switch to football (Tony Gonzales & Antonio Gates).

Notable stats:
Cleveland Browns
  • rank 32nd in Total Yards on Offense 
  • Averaging a mere 8.7 points per game (last in the NFL) 
  • has 78 total points (in 9 NFL games) 
  • only have 3 TDs recieving
Lebron James
  • Height 6-8 
  • Weight 250 
  • Averages 27.8 points per game 
  • 44 inch vertical jump (Randy Moss has 51 inch vertical)
NFL Players that used to 'Hoop':
Tony Gonzalez 6-5 , 243 lbs
Antonio Gates 6-4 , 260 lbs
Terrell Owens 6-3 , 224 lbs
Randy Moss    6-4 , 210 lbs

With the height alone Lebron would be the tallest skill player on the roster, athletically he would be a BEAST, what corner under 6' would want to have the duty of watching this man.?He presents a mis-match because he has the ability to jump so high, and If he was to goto the NFL, he would probably line up as a WR (Wide Reciever) or TE (Tight End) history shows that he could very well be a star at either of those positions.  The question that would remain until game day would ultimately be, how much of a real factor would he be and could he take the punishment weekly that NFL players go through? If you were to give me the coaching position over the Browns to add Lebron James to the roster, whose to say he couldn't turn the lackluster Cleveland Browns offense into a more formidable opponent. 

Bottom Line - LeBron's never gonna trade his hoop shoes for cleats, but you gotta love his character.


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